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Because only four of nine teams in the league have swimming, league championships will not be awarded, but a Northern 10 Invitational was held Jan. 30 at Colonel Crawford.


Recent results

Friday, February 26

State meet at C.T. Branin Natatorium, Canton

Colonel Crawford girls 26th at Division II finals

Jullianne Gregg, Madison Sharp, Chloe Grove and Callie Ruffener 7th in 200 free relay

Madison Sharp, Pierce Krassow, Chloe Grove and Callie Ruffener 16th in 400 free relay

Colonel Crawford boys 52nd at Division II finals

Grant Pfeifer 16th in 200 free and 15th in 500 free


Thursday, February 25

State meet at C.T. Branin Natatorium, Canton

Division II preliminaries 5:00 PM

Colonel Crawford’s Jilliane Gregg 19th in 50 free

Colonel Crawford’s Chloe Grove 18th in 500 free

Colonel Crawford 6th in girls 200 free relay

Colonel Crawford in 12th girls 400 free relay

Colonel Crawford’s Grant Pfeifer 12th in 200 free and 11th in 500 free

Colonel Crawford’s Jake Johnson 19th in 100 breast


Friday, February 19

Division II district meet at BGSU

Girls: Colonel Crawford 4th (7 state qualifiers) and Upper Sandusky 30th

Boys: Colonel Crawford 14th and Upper Sandusky 28th


Saturday, February 13

Division II sectional swimming

Girls: Colonel Crawford 2nd, Bucyrus 12th and Wynford 13th at Mansfield Malabar

Boys: Colonel Crawford 2nd and Bucyrus and Wynford NS at Mansfield Malabar

Girls: Upper Sandusky 6th/13 at Lima YMCA

Boys: Upper Sandusky 3rd/12 at Lima YMCA


Saturday, February 6

Boys: Upper Sandusky 2nd and Colonel Crawford 3rd/10 at Gipe Relays (Port Clinton)

Girls: Colonel Crawford 3rd and Upper Sandusky 7th/10 at Gipe Relays (Port Clinton)


Tuesday, February 2

Boys: Upper Sandusky 87, Kenton 41, Ada 40

Girls: Kenton 85, Upper Sandusky 56, Ada 28


Saturday, January 30

Northern 10 Invitational

Boys: 1. Colonel Crawford 371, 2. Upper Sandusky 344, 3. Wynford 26, 4. Bucyrus 21.

Girls: 1. Colonel Crawford 395, 2. Upper Sandusky 314, 3. Bucyrus 109, 4. Wynford 60, 5. Ridgedale 32.


Wednesday, January 27

Boys: Upper Sandusky 156, Bucyrus 6, Crestline 4, Wynford 3

Girls: Upper Sandusky 153, Bucyrus 25, Crestline 11, Wynford 6


Thursday, January 21

Boys: Colonel Crawford 130, Willard 39, Wynford 9

Girls: Colonel Crawford 140, Willard 37, Wynford 14


Wednesday, January 20

Boys: Upper Sandusky 1st and Bucyrus 7th/7 at Marion YMCA

Girls: Upper Sandusky 1st, Bucyrus 5th and Ridgedale 8th/8 at Marion YMCA


Saturday, January 16

Boys: Upper Sandusky 120, Tiffin Columbian 29

Boys: Upper Sandusky 116, Norwalk 53

Girls: Tiffin Columbian 96, Upper Sandusky 74

Boys: Upper Sandusky 99, Norwalk 71

Girls: Colonel Crawford 1st, Bucyrus 6th, Wynford 9th and Ridgedale 10th/10 at Sprint Meet (Col. Crawford)

Boys: Colonel Crawford 1st, Wynford 6th and Bucyrus 7th/8 at Sprint Meet (Col. Crawford)


Thursday, January 14

Bucyrus at Sandusky tri 5:00 PM


Tuesday, January 12

Upper Sandusky and Willard at Shelby (Shelby YMCA) 4:00 PM, ccd.

Wynford at Galion (Galion YMCA) 4:00 PM, ccd.


Saturday, January 9

Wynford, Crestline and Mansfield Christian at Shelby (Shelby Y) 9:30 AM

Girls: Colonel Crawford 2nd/12 at Oak Harbor Invitational

Boys: Colonel Crawford 4th/12 at Oak Harbor Invitational

Boys: Upper Sandusky 1st/9 at Mount Gilead D-II Invite (Marion YMCA)

Girls: Upper Sandusky 1st and Ridgedale 9th/10 at Mount Gilead D-II Invite (Marion YMCA)


Wednesday, January 6

Boys: Galion 105, Bucyrus 5

Girls: Galion 106, Bucyrus 44


Tuesday, January 5

Girls: Colonel Crawford 79, Ontario 14

Boys: Colonel Crawford 57, Ontario 37


Saturday, January 2

Bucyrus at Lima Senior Invitational (Lima Y) 1:00 PM

Boys: Colonel Crawford 4th/12 at Delaware Hayes Invitational

Girls: Colonel Crawford 4th and Ridgedale 11th/12 at Delaware Hayes Invitational

Combined: Upper Sandusky 1st and Wynford 11th/11 at Tyger Invitational


Monday, December 28

Girls: Colonel Crawford 130, Margaretta 48

Boys: Colonel Crawford 109, Margaretta 61


Monday, December 21

Girls: Colonel Crawford 80, Bucyrus 9

Boys: Colonel Crawford 78, Bucyrus 4

Girls: Upper Sandusky 52, Galion 40

Boys: Galion 63, Upper Sandusky 31


Saturday, December 19

Girls: Colonel Crawford 1st/5 in Colonel Crawford Relays

Girls: Upper Sandusky 1st/10 at Streak Invitational

Boys: Colonel Crawford 1st/4 in Colonel Crawford Relays

Girls: Upper Sandusky 3rd/8 at Streak Invitational


Wednesday, December 16

Boys: Upper Sandusky 1st and Wynford 6th/6 in Mount Gilead Division II Invitational

Girls: Upper Sandusky 2nd, Wynford 4th and Ridgedale 7th/7 in Mount Gilead Division II Invitational


Tuesday, December 15

Girls: Bucyrus 3rd/3 with Crestview at Shelby (Shelby YMCA)

Boys: Bucyrus 3rd/3 with Crestview at Shelby (Shelby YMCA)


Saturday, December 12


Tiffin Columbian 55, Upper Sandusky 37

Upper Sandusky 69, Fostoria St. Wendelin 5

Colonel Crawford 22nd/37 at Ned Reeb Invitational (OSU)

Bucyrus 2nd/4 vs. Wynford, River Valley and Crestline



Upper Sandusky 71, Fostoria St. Wendelin 17

Upper Sandusky 71, Tiffin Columbian 16

Colonel Crawford 28th/36 at Ned Reeb Invitational (OSU)

Bucyrus 3rd/4 vs. Wynford, River Valley and Crestline


Wednesday, December 9


Lexington 100, Colonel Crawford 75

Upper Sandusky 577, Mount Gilead 432, Marion Harding 382, Lima Senior 103


Lexington 94, Colonel Crawford 82

Upper Sandusky 646, Lima Senior 328, Marion Harding 236, Mount Gilead 155, Ridgedale 40


Tuesday, December 8

Wynford and Mansfield Senior at Bucyrus 5:30 PM (Bucyrus YMCA)


Mansfield Senior 41, Bucyrus 38

Bucyrus 41, Wynford 15


Monday, December 7

Boys: Colonel Crawford 53, Galion 41

Girls: Colonel Crawford 77, Galion 17


Saturday, December 5


Colonel Crawford 1st and Bucyrus 7th/8 at Shelby Invitational (Shelby YMCA)

Upper Sandusky 2nd and Wynford NS/11 at Friendly House Invitational (Mansfield)


Colonel Crawford 1st, Ridgedale 7th and Bucyrus 10th/10 at Shelby Invitational (Shelby YMCA)

Upper Sandusky 3rd and Wynford 11th/12 at Friendly House Invitational, Mansfield


Monday, November 30

Boys: Colonel Crawford 171, Upper Sandusky 145, Wynford 15, Tiffin Calvert 12

Girls: Colonel Crawford 176, Upper Sandusky 106, Tiffin Calvert 83, Wynford 18