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Note: From the Northern 10 Athletic Conference boys and girls meet Oct. 11 at Seneca East.


Recent results

Saturday, November 1

State results

National Trail Raceway, Hebron

Division III boys: Seneca East 4th, Colonel Crawford 8th/16

Top finishes: Carson Pipher (SE) 9th, 16:22.69; Jared Stockmaster (SE) 15th, 16:27.76; Wes Pipher (SE) 19th, 16:31.33; Clay Martin (CC) 27th, 16:43.80; Chad Johnson (CC), 33rd, 16:48.94; Trevor Cook (Carey) 34th, 16:49.53.

Division II boys: Dominic Solis (US) 76th, 17:10.56.


Saturday, October 25

Regional results

Hedges Boyer Park, Tiffin

Division III boys: Seneca East 4th and Carey 11th/16; Seneca East and Careyís Cook qualify for state. Stockmaster 2nd, C. Pipher 8th and W. Pipher 11th to lead Seneca East.

Division II boys: Solis (US) 12th and Cotsamire (B) 69th. Solis qualifies for state.

Division III girls: Mohawk 13th/16; Risner 57th to lead Mohawk; DeFeo (Carey) 22nd, Linkey (SE) 53rd.

Boardman High School, Youngstown

Division III boys: Colonel Crawford 3rd/16; Colonel Crawford qualifies for state. Johnson 7th and Martin 15th to lead Colonel Crawford.

Division III girls: Colonel Crawford 11th/16; Reffey 57th to lead Colonel Crawford; Richmond (W) 53rd.


Older results

Saturday, October 18

District results

Ammanís Reservoir Park, Galion

Division II girls: Bucyrus 9th and Upper Sandusky 12th/12.

Division II boys: Bucyrus 5th and Upper Sandusky 12th/13; Solis (US) and Cotsamire (B) advance to Tiffin regional.

Division III (district 1) girls: Colonel Crawford 3rd, Buckeye Central 7th, Wynford 8th and Crestline NS/9; Colonel Crawford and Richmond (W) advance to Youngstown regional.

Division III (district 1) boys: Colonel Crawford 1st, Buckeye Central 10th, Wynford 13th and Crestline 14th/15; Colonel Crawford advances to Youngstown regional.

Division III (district 2) girls: Mohawk 2nd and Seneca East 7th/12; Mohawk and Linkey (SE) advance to Tiffin regional.

Division III (district 2) boys: Seneca East 1st and Mohawk 11th/14; Seneca East advances to Tiffin regional.


Ottawa Park, Ottawa

Division III (district 2) girls: Carey 6th/10; DeFeo (C) advances to Tiffin regional.

Division III (district 2) boys: Carey 3rd/13; Carey advances to Tiffin regional.


Watkins Memorial High School, Pataskala

Division III girls: Ridgedale NS/16.

Division III boys: Ridgedale NS/19.


Saturday, October 11

Northern 10 Championships at Seneca East Boys

Colonel Crawford 35, 2. Seneca East 35, 3. Carey 98, 4. Bucyrus 104, 5. Mohawk 166, 6. Upper Sandusky 170, 7. Buckeye Central 178, 8. Crestline 222.

Winner: Carson Pipher, Seneca East, 16:02.90.

Northern 10 Championships at Seneca East Girls

1.   Mohawk 47, 2. Bucyrus 63, 3. Seneca East 100, 4. Colonel Crawford 103, 5. Carey 112, 6. Buckeye Central 117, 7. Upper Sandusky 119.

Winner: Destiny DeFeo, Carey, 20:08.43.


Saturday, October 4

Bucyrus and Ridgedale at Marion Harding Invitational 9:00 AM

Boys: Carey 4th and Mohawk 15th/16 in Black Division; Upper Sandusky 12th/16 in Red Division: Girls: Mohawk 3rd and Carey 8th/10 in Black Division; Upper Sandusky 13th/14 in Red Division at Fostoria Invitational

Boys: Seneca East 1st/8; Girls: Seneca East 4th/5 at Olien Invitational (New London)


Tuesday, September 30

Boys: Colonel Crawford 1st, Bucyrus 5th, Buckeye Central 8th, Wynford 9th and Crestline 11th/11; Girls: Colonel Crawford 3rd, Bucyrus 4th, Buckeye Central 5th and Wynford and Crestline NS/9 at Crestline Invitational


Saturday, September 27

Boys: Colonel Crawford 1st, Buckeye Central 7th, Crestline 10th and Wynford NS/11; Girls: Colonel Crawford 5th, Buckeye Central 6th, Wynford and Crestline NS/8 at Buckeye Central Invitational

Boys: Seneca East 2nd and Upper Sandusky 13th/18 in Brown Division; Mohawk 2nd/5 in Gold Division; Girls: Seneca East 5th and Upper Sandusky 10th/13 in Brown Division; Mohwk 1st/4 in Gold Division at Old Fort Invitational

Boys: Bucyrus 3rd and Ridgedale NS/12; and Girls: Bucyrus 3rd and Ridgedale NS/7 at North Union Invitational


Thursday, September 25

Boys: Carey 1st and Crestline 5th/5; Girls: Carey 3rd, Crestline NS/4 at Carey Run in Tiffin


Saturday, September 20

Boys: Seneca East 1st/10 in Blue Division; Upper Sandusky 11th/13 in Gold Division: Girls: Seneca East 6th/7 in Blue Division; Upper Sandusky 10th/11 in Gold Division at Ontario Invitational at Marshall Park

Boys: Mohawk 10th/11; Girls 1st/8 at Van Wert County Hospital Invitational

Boys: Carey 2nd/3; Girls: Carey 2nd/2 at Van Buren Black Knight Invitational at Owens CC


Thursday, September 18

Boys: Carey 2nd and Ridgedale NS/9; Girls: Carey 4th and Ridgedale NS/5 at Riverdale Invitational


Saturday, September 13

Galion Festival at Ammanís Reservoir Park

Boys: Seneca East 4th, Bucyrus 17th and Upper Sandusky 24th/26 in D-II; Colonel Crawford 1st, Buckeye Central 17th and Crestline 22nd/23 in D-III; Wynford and Ridgedale NS

Girls: Bucyrus 20th and Upper Sandusky 23rd/24 in D-II; Colonel Crawford 10th, Buckeye Central 16th and Wynford 17th/19 in D-III; Seneca East 2nd in D-II/III open; Crestline and Ridgedale NS


Myron Cline Invitational at H.P. Eells Park

Boys: Mohawk 13th/16 in D-III

Girls: Mohawk 1st/13 in D-III


Blue/Gold Invitational at Ottawa Memorial Park

Boys: Carey 5th/16 in Gold

Girls: Carey 10th/11 in Gold


Tuesday, September 9

Boys: Wynford 5th, Crestline 7th/8; Girls: Wynford 3rd, Crestline NS/4 at Cub Classic at Lucas


Saturday, September 6

Tiffin Carnival at Hedges-Boyer Park

Boys: Colonel Crawford 5th, Seneca East 7th, Carey 17th and Wynford 42nd/42 in D-IIIA; Mohawk 21st, Carey 25th, Buckeye Central 26th/36 and Ridgedale NS in D-IIIB; Upper Sandusky 40th/46 in D-II

Girls: Mohawk 20th, Seneca East 27th, Colonel Crawford 35th, Wynford 37th, Buckeye Central 41st/47 and Ridgedale NS in D-III; Upper Sandusky 19th, Carey 20th/27


Tuesday, September 2

Wynford Invitational

Boys: 1. Seneca East 37, 2. Bucyrus 79, 3. Carey 88, 4. Ashland Crestview 101, 5. North Union 144, 6. Buckeye Central 194, 7. Wynford 200, 8. Lucas 201, 9. Upper Sandusky 204, 10. Crestline 241, Ridgedale NS.

Girls: 1. North Union 60, 2. Seneca East 65, 3. Tiffin Calvert 89, 4. Bucyrus 98, 5. Carey 113, 6. Upper Sandusky 143, 7. Wynford 162, 8. Buckeye Central 172, 9. Ashland Crestview 206, Crestline NS, Ridgedale NS.


Saturday, August 30

Boys: Colonel Crawford 1st, Bucyrus 8th, Buckeye Central 14th, Wynford 17th, Upper Sandusky 19th, Crestline 21st and Ridgedale NS/23; Girls: Bucyrus 9th, Colonel Crawford 11th, Upper Sandusky 14th, Wynford 16th, Buckeye Central 17th and Ridgedale NS/20 at Elks Invite at Bucyrus fairgrounds

Carey and Mohawk at Columbus Grove Invitational 9:00 AM

Boys: Carey 7th and Mohawk 16th/21; Girls: Mohawk 2nd and Carey 11th/15 at Columus Grove Invitational


Tuesday, August 26

Buckeye Central, Crestline at Plymouth Invitational (Fate Park) 5:00 PM


Saturday, August 23

Early Bird Invitational at Colonel Crawford

Boys: 1. Colonel Crawford 33, 2. Westerville Central 59, 3. Carey 104, 4. Plymouth 137, 5. Bucyrus 159, 6. Cardington-Lincoln 164, 7. Northmor 176, 8. Lucas 225, 9. Western Reserve 234, 10. Upper Sandusky 237, 11. Buckeye Central 271, 12. Crestline 311, 13. Mansfield Senior 329, 14. Clear Fork 375, Ridgedale NS.

Girls: 1. Northmor 48, 2. Bucyrus 109, 3. Western Reserve 111, 4. Carey 116, 5. Colonel Crawford 118, 6. Buckeye Central 119, 7. Upper Sandusky 156, 8. Cardington-Lincoln 178, 9. Plymouth 184, 10. Mansfield Senior 249, Crestline NS, Ridgedale NS.


Boys: Seneca East 2nd, Mohawk 14th and Wynford 16th/19; Girls: Mohawk 2nd, Seneca East 6th and Wynford 11th/16 at Tiger Classic at Seneca East


Tuesday, August 19

Boys: Bucyrus 7th, Carey 8th, Wynford 12th and Upper 13th/15; Girls: Bucyrus 8th, Wynford 10th, Carey 12th and Upper Sandusky 13th/14 at Icebreaker Invivational at Upper Harrison Smith Park


Monday, August 18

Boys: Buckeye Central 9th and Crestline 10th/11; Girls: Buckeye Central 6th/7 at Northmor Invitational

Ridgedale at Elgin 5:00 PM